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Elita laundry was established in1996.

Establishing the laundry we had set two main goals that is, to provide the customers with high- quality service and ensure maximum comfort.

A principal decision was made to do solely individual laundry. There were doubts regarding that the customers would not believe that the laundry of every single client was done on strictly individual terms, as the customers had used to deal with the soviet times laundry services which, as we know, sewed the number labels on the linen and all the items were washed together.

Fortunately, after a while we came to realize that we were on the right path- our townsmen, although slowly, but eventually gave up the above mentioned stereotype.

From the very beginning we decided to provide our customers with the free pickup and delivery service which wasn’t available among the former services.

Thanks to the delivery service our customers don’t have to take the laundry to the service location in heat or rain. All you have to do is make a call and dictate your address to the service assistant.

We have always kept in touch with our customers and we continue to do so striving to meet their desires in the most possible way.

Hence, taking into consideration multiple calls and the results of the written survey, we started a dry-cleaning service in 2000, in 2003 we were able to offer fast dry- cleaning and laundry services as well as carpet wash.