Wedding dress

Mendelssohn’s wedding march sounded, champagne flew like a river and now you are concerned how to clean your best dress.

Most importantly you should think of it in time. Practically it is possible to remove any dirt stain in ELITA within a few days after the wedding.

The thing is that it is very difficult to remove the old dirt stains. If you do not notice the dirtiness, it does not mean that it does not exist. Marks of champagne, perfume, which are invisible for an eye may become yellowish over time and damage the dress. Also it is very difficult to clean the dirt stains of cakes, glaze, juice, wine.

Over time the materials containing sugar and fat get oxidized and become brown.

After the wedding ceremony the dry cleaning of the wedding dress is a major concern. Cleaning of delicate items should be carried out very carefully. Very often the wedding dress corset may be made of very delicate texture, artificial precious stones, needlework or beads and that is why it is impossible to clean it at home.

If you want your wedding dress to make you happy with its beauty, we offer high-quality and careful cleaning technologies.

Cleaning woolen blankets

Woolen blankets warm you up even in the most severe frost and at the same time they have a positive influence on the organism. You can be sure that the wool will not cause any irritation and allergic reaction and it makes the unpleasant smells disappear.

Woolen blankets absorb moisture excellently and regulate the temperature. Natural woolen blankets are useful as an anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling measure.

However, for a variety of reasons, natural woolen blankets and mattresses require special care. For example, dust mites can proliferate in them and cause allergy.

It is prohibited to wash the wool in a washing machine. While washing in modern washing machines wool fibers get entangled, because of high rotation numbers, and the wool loses its quality.

When using blankets and mattresses wool fibers are get entangled over time and the blanket loses its former look. Therefore, woolen blankets and mattresses should be cleaned at least once a year.

ELITA offers own cleaning technology.

If the cover of old blankets and mattresses have worn out, new ones can be sewn on the client’s demand from high-quality and ecologically clean calico.

Fur cleaning

Fur coat is considered the “queen” of winter garments. Natural fur garments require utmost care. Only if the fur garment receives the necessary care it will serve you for many years and will totally justify its high cost.

The main rule for fur preservation is regular cleaning.

No matter your fur garment seems to have stains or not, have it regularly dry-cleaned. Dirt may not be visible on the surface, but if you regularly wear a certain item, the lining is sure not to stay clean.

Professional care will reliably protect the fur from the impact of moisture, street dust and other materials.

Fur and fur coat professional dry cleaning at ELITA will help rejuvenate and restore the cleanliness, color and shine of your favorite fur coat.

Cleaning blankets and pillows

Every woman has tried to clean the pillows on her own at home at least once in her life. And many of them are afraid to remember it and the smell of wet bird still can be felt for a long time.

ELITA offers dry cleaning of your feather pillows with modern equipment.

We can not only renew, but also refresh your pillow by changing the pillow case (mentioning sizes on the receipt).

Remember! It is possible to clean as grandmother’s old feather mattress, as well as “brand new” products.

Pillows and feather mattresses are recommended to be cleaned at least once a year.